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Top 5 Beach Chairs In Australia

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

From my point of view, we are approaching the best of the four seasons, Summer, and in Australia is even more enjoyable. This amazing island has plenty of beautiful beaches and outdoor places to discover. One of the most important elements to enjoy the outdoors, is the chair. We usually spend half or full day outside, and to be able to do so, we need to be seated or resting in a comfortable chair or lounge. 1- Hanga Beach Chair: Very lightweight, easy to carry and offering great comfort are some of the main attributes of this amazing chair. This very innovative product has no competitor in the market and its uniqueness is based on a flat laying on the ground sponge, covered in a polyester waterproof fabric printed with beautiful patterns. With a square wood frame in the back, you can recline it to your preferred position by losing the stripe attached to the frame. Featuring two pockets in the back, a zipper one to carry your valuables and a net, sand free bigger one, perfect to store your sunglasses, magazine or a book. Only weights 1kg which makes it very easy to carry and take wherever you want, you’ll not even remember you are carrying a chair. If want to lay on your belly to spend some time reading, you can go completely flat and avoid any contact with the sand to be fully relaxed and enjoy your favourite book. 2 – Low Sling Beach Chair With a high back and a relaxed seating position, the Low Sling Beach Chair is good option to spend some time at the beach. Make sure you apply your sunscreen because the low-slung design and padded armrests of this Beach Chair may see you falling asleep for hours at the water's edge. The cup holder is kind of a joke. You could maybe use it for a sippy cup, but for anything open, it won't work because it holds the cup at like a 45-degree angle. What I don’t like about this chair is that you’ll not be able to lay your head down on the back. I found that a bit uncomfortable if you want to a full rest of your body. Weighting 2.8 kg I find it a bit heavy, which is annoying if you are carrying too much stuff to the beach, as usually ends up happening. 3 - Backpack Beach Chair with Cooler With an aluminium-and-steel frame, it's wider than the average backpack chair and collapses for hands-free toting. It reclines to five different positions when unfolded and has hardwood armrests offering good quality materials. With an insulated cooler pouch, cell phone holder, towel bar, adjustable pillow and more, you're guaranteed to always have a good rest at the beach. The cons of this chair are a few. Too name just a couple I found it very heavy, and not easy to carry when positioning it in the back because of the thin stripes. Being a big and heavy chair to carry on your back, it will make you look like a Transformer. 4 - Cooler Quad Chair This is the classic camping chair that you’ll find in all the outdoor shops that are around Australia. Affordable chair, easy to pack and set up is a good option if you will only spend a few minutes seated.  By saying, I also have to say that the seating position is a bit uncomfortable. Your back will naturally curve creating a bad ergonomic position. 5 – Hammock Style Chair This chair offers laidback comfort and breathability. The centre mesh insert is designed for good ventilation creating an airflow through the breathable backrest and seat. The canvas style seating offers extended seat-depth increasing the comfort factor. Featuring a large, adjustable foam pillow that softly supports your neck and a convenient seat-side drink holder. The sturdy, powder-coated steel white frame is rust-resistant and is easy to fold. With its unique compact folding frame and backrest, the sling beach chair is a breeze to carry and includes a carry strap for easy portability.

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