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Outdoor Lounge Chairs Sydney


Get Some Vitamin -SEA with these Comfy and Flashy Outdoor Lounge Chairs



Australian, with its mosaic of sandy beaches, offers a perfect place for all the sea lovers to get some Vitamin-Sea! Make your seaside rendezvous comfortable, enjoyable and relaxing with our range of beautiful and snuggly outdoor lounger chairs.



Invest in Beach Lounge and Ensure the Ultimate Comfort


Whether you want to laze around at your favourite sandy spot or enjoy a quiet day in the privacy of your backyard or just want to have a splash at the pool party, these foldable lounge chairs are perfect for an unperturbed relaxation.


Browse through HANGA and explore an exciting collection of easy to store and comfy beach chairs. Made from durable polyester, these portable beach lounger will give your spine amazing support while you are sun-bathing.



Our lounge chairs come in a myriad of colours and styles. Whether you love bright shades or want to keep the tone a little cooler, our collection will amaze you with its variety.


Don’t Lug it - Carry it With Ease


Ditch those oversized and heavy chairs while you are walking to the shore! It’s oversized frame is just perfect for larger or taller individuals and yet you can fold it flat for easy storage.

Also, it comes with a strap which allows you to sling it around your shoulder and carry it anywhere - even for an oversea beach vacation.


Convert the Lounge into a Recliner and Enjoy the Sun, Sand and Sea!


Turn your lounge chair into a perfect reclining backrest and soak up into the beautiful sunny beach.  The lightweight and portable outdoor lounge chair from HANGA features a solid wooden frame and fully padded body.  This adjustable backrest allows you to stretch out your legs without getting it messy with sand or dry grass.


If you are an avid beach goer (which we sure you are) and looking for options in outdoor lounger chairs in Sydney, you know where to look for!

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