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Hanga Attributes

Talking about Hanga is talking about a unique beach chair, something utterly new in the market, different from what the outdoor lifestyle fans have seen before.

A perfect beach chair, with the following exclusive attributes:

Design: The most extraordinary feature is the design—a specially designed chair for the outdoors. Transportable and easily carried Hanga beach chairs are foldable and ready to set up in just 5 seconds. Turn your packable chair into a perfect reclining and adjustable backrest that will keep you comfortable while enjoying nature. Hanga’s ergonomic design keeps you comfortable by allowing your back to rest and your legs comfortably in any surface and space. The lightweight and portable outdoor lounge chair from HANGA features a solid wooden frame and fully padded body that is super comfortable and water-resistant! Carefully designed features that adapt to the outdoors lifestyle without risking style. Hangs beach chairs come in different patterns that can match your style and personality. 


Weight and Dimensions:  One of the most remarkable characteristics of the ultimate Hanga beach chairs is their weight and size. The new Hanga foldable Beach Chair is so light & compact that makes it effortless to carry around. An outdoors chair that weighs less than 1.2 kg and folds into a 55cm bag. It’s so light and easy to carry that You would never go to your next adventure without your chair anymore! 



Materials and Features: A stylish and sturdy wooden frame matches high-strength and water-resistant quality fabrics to produce a portable beach chair that will resist time. The strong materials made these portable beach loungers give your spine fantastic support while you are sitting over wet sand on the beach or damp grass while enjoying a picnic in your perfect outdoor spot. Hanga beach chairs feature two pockets at the back. One of them is a zipped pocket perfect for keeping your phone and keys safe free from sand or dust. And the other one with a mesh and elastic offers easy access to keep your sunscreen and water bottle at hand.


Patterns and styles: HANGA carefully designed features adapt to the outdoors lifestyle without risking style. HANGA beach chairs offer different patterns and designs to match your personality and style. Whether you are looking for something vibrant and colourful or something soberer, Hanga offers different patterns to choose from. Our mission is to make resistant, good quality outdoor chairs but with colour, style, and character. Life outdoors doesn’t only have to be practical; it can also be beautiful! 


In HANGA Australia, we are committed to making people feel comfier and happier in their outdoor lifestyle and activities. As a new year starts, we are inspired to work on new patterns and colours and to design new products, so stay tuned… 

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