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Folding Beach Chairs & Outdoor Lounger


Carry Your Comfort Along on a Beach-cation, This Summer


With more than 50,000 kilometres of picturesque coastline, there’s no dearth of sand and surf combo in Australia. The stunning stretches of sand not only draws thousands of international tourists but also numerous local beach hoppers.


Among many things that can lend you a pleasurable and full of fun seaside experience,  a quality, comfy and stylish beach chair is an absolute must!


An ultimate product for all the super enthusiastic beachgoers,  a folding beach chair lets you soak up the summer sun, stretch your back and enjoy the gently rolling waves.


Unwind and Enjoy the Outdoors with Foldable Beach Chairs


Nothing can beat the joy of spending a day relaxing at the beach! So pull up a foldable beach chair, unwind and take all your load off!


HANGA brings you an exquisite collection of adjustable beach chairs that comes in all sorts of fun colours and styles.  HANGA is an online venture undertaken by a bunch of beach enthusiasts where we brought together a spectacular collection of everything you need to enjoy a beautiful day on the beach.


Our array of colourful, voguish, contemporary and snuggly beach chairs perfectly suits your on-the-go lifestyle and also seamlessly matches the outdoor furniture placed on your patio.  Combining comfort features along with aesthetics, our foldable outdoor loungers come with comfy armrest, neck rests and breathable fabric which makes your day out as enjoyable as possible.

There’s nothing as wonderful as taking a snooze near the sea and feeling the cool breeze in your hair. With a right beach chair, you can make this experience even more enjoyable!

Read your favourite book while reclining on the chair or sit upright and sip up the refreshing drink while watching the gentle rushing towards the shores.

Lightweight, Comfortable and Easy to Set-Up, These Chairs Offer the Best Experience When You are Heading Out to Your Favourite Spot in the Sand!

Our chairs are extremely sturdy and lightweight at the same time! It’s so lightweight that you can easily transport as you require to lug anything too heavy to the beach.

Ergonomic Designs That Keep You Comfortable While You are Relaxing on the Seaside

When it comes to beach chairs, comfort should not be compromised! We understand that very well, and so we bring you ergonomically designed chairs to offer full support to your back and neck. Whether you require a low frame chair, handy chair that has cup holders, lounger with a headrest, you will find exactly what you want at HANGA!

Calling All the Beach-Lovers in Sydney to Explore an Unlimited Range of Foldable Beach Chairs

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